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Art and style define Ninoti's personality. Our garments are designed with the Artworks of talented Artists from all over the world. Each garment is unique and has a story behind it.

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  • Wendybuiter portada 300x185


    We inaugurate, with this first post, our new interview section where the protagonists are the artists of our community.

  • Fashion and art 300x201

    Fashion and Art, a Marriage from more than a Century

    The connection between fashion and art is booming today, but traces its origins in the late nineteenth century. Clothes were no more an element of survival but became something symbolic, a form of expression, a sign of sophistication of culture…

  • Taza de cafe. the story behind ninoti. primer artículo. 300x200

    The beginning

    A story that started with a good, tasty and strong cup of coffee… Every Sunday afternoon we used to go to our favourite coffee shop in Barcelona. A modern coffee shop always with good ambience, good service and better coffee….

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