Ninoti - Wear it with Art

About Us

A little history about us...


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Ninoti is a Premium quality clothing brand for women, men and kids. Quality that comes from the range of fabrics, designs, colours, dedicated attention to every detail and excellence in customer service.

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Our clothes are colourful, with styles and cuts according to the current trends. Ninoti garments are cosy chic, easy to wear and easy to style.

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All our collections are decorated with hand-drawn artworks from amazing contemporary artists from all over the world. Our customers can choose from wide range of designs allowing to express each individual style.

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Ninoti apparel is made with eco-friendly materials and 100% pure organic cotton and we use water- based inks for fabric printing. All the fabrics are chosen with care to provide a perfect printing ‘canvas’.

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Made to order

The customers can choose the artwork and the garment according to their individual style. Once the order is confirmed we process it printing the selected illustration using the most advanced contemporary techniques, with artistic finessese and dedication to the last detail.


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Quality. Authenticity. Beauty.

We are on a singular quest to create clothes that will live your stories..

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Daily inspired

We believe that the most common products can impact our daily experiences. Inspiration can be everywhere. Travel, explore and use creativity in order to distingish yourself and improve your well-being.

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Designed in Barcelona

Modernism, Surrealism, Cubism...
Barcelona is a kind of the place of 20th century art and here begins our inspiration trip to embrace the global contemporary art.
Our brand joins different activities with the common bond of passion for art fashion and beauty.

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Mediterranean lifestyle

Ninoti clothes are for open minded, positive and proactive people that enjoy life and live the moment, with creative spirit and Mediterranean lifestyle.